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     Our goal is to give you the best value possible. No other avenue of obtaining insurance will take your specific situation and offer you competent advice at the best possible cost.

     You may get something cheaper, but you will never get the level of service and value that an independent agent can offer. Period!


For Your Ferrari



National General



State Auto


     Well, maybe you drive a Honda during the week. Either way, we offer many companies for both your daily driver and your weekend classic. We can review your existing coverage and determine what's best for your needs!

     Whether you need basic liability coverage, full coverage or special coverage for a classic or antique vehicle, our companies can meet your needs.

For Classic Cars/Antiques


     We love the classics. Foreign, domestic, classic or antique. We can value your machine appropriately to insure your investment, whether it's $5,000 or $50,000.

     Standard auto insurance companies don't have the knowledge or passion to fully appreciate the time, effort and resources it takes to restore a car. Fortunately, we do. Call us for a valuation.