April Snow Showers Bring....

     My mom reminds me quite often that when she brought me home from the hospital on April 6th, 1972, that it was snowing. Forty six years later and it's still snowing in April. Almost 50 years and the weather is just as unpredictable as it was in the 70's. I guess the increase in technology gives us this notion that we should be able to predict the weather, since we have an app for that and everything else under the sun.

     And if we do have an app for everything, will someone please direct me to the parenting app? 'Cause I can't seem to lay my hands on it, and it needs to start telling my kids what to do so I can take a nap. Seriously, kids don't need us telling them what to do anymore. This isn't the 70's, or the 60's, 50's or 40's. At this point, Apple should be able to claim about 30 million kids as dependents on their taxes, right? So why can't they aggravate Siri into making dinner? Why can't Youtube teach them how to clean the toilet and empty the litter box? Shouldn't Snapchat feel morally obligated to instill values into my kids since they spend more time with them than me?

     Surely that group at Instagram can find a savvy way to compel kids to not bully each other and to esteem others higher than themselves. And I am most confident that Netflix can give them at least 13 reasons to live honorable and worthwhile lives, if for no other reason than to be future customers. And let's not forget the Twitterati and the wealth of compassion that they impart 24 hours a day. 

     Now that I've had time to consider it, maybe my kids need me after all. Maybe technology doesn't have all the answers. Where does that leave me? I guess I'm in the same position mom was in 1972 when she brought me home from the hospital in the snow. It's still snowing in April, babies are still being born to real mommies and real daddies and it's harder than ever to raise a child into a loving, caring, compassionate man or woman who can contribute to the good of society.

     This truth makes it incumbent on us dads and moms to esteem our spouses, to honor and defend Biblical truths, and to re-assume the role of being the primary influence in our kid's lives. The crud that tech is feeding them is garbage in light of morality. Peers raising peers is a guaranteed path to destruction. And the damage doesn't show until it's too late. Parents, we may diverge on rearing methods, but let us agree that no one and no thing will ever be able to fill our shoes as the best leaders for our kids. And if and when we come up short, let's not rely on Google for the answers, but find somebody that's been where we are and ask for some help.

     Find a mentor or be a mentor. The art of raising children has been taught by grandmas and grandpas for thousands of years. And I think they've done a better job than Facebook.